Polite Company Press
Seoul-based printmakers specializing in small editions of bilingual art books and zines.

Polite Company의 차별점은 2개 국어로 출판한다는 점에 초점을 맞춘다는 것입니다. 저희의 목표는 신진 예술가들의 작품을 가능한 많은 관중에게 공유하는 것입니다. 저희의 또한 리소그래프, 실크스크린, 피그먼트 인쇄를 포함한 많은 인쇄법을 결합합니다.

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Bike Travel Memo
Kelly Belter

A 100-page travel memo with neon pink grid paper and 4 different cover designs. Each memo comes with a protective cover and adjustable book band to keep your memo safe, anywhere you go.

2024 Calendar Wallpapers
Kelly Belter

Enjoy the ‘City Garden’ year round, now on your phone! Twelve digital wallpapers for your lock screen, made from scans of our 2024 calendar

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2024 Riso Calendar
Kelly Belter

‘City Garden’ risograph calendar, which can be transformed into a series of postcards for every month of 2024. Includes metal clip for hanging.

*Deadstock calendars now available, click here for details.

︎ $15 ︎ SOLD OUT
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Recovery Run
회복하는 달리기
Kim Blue 김푸른

Adventures in running and self-healing after a sudden summer breakup, in this short and relatable risograph comic.

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Outdoor Seating
Jack Belter

A photo collection of found-seating in Los Angeles, curated by Jack Belter.

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