Polite Company Press
Seoul-based printmakers specializing in small editions of bilingual art books and zines.

Polite Company의 차별점은 2개 국어로 출판한다는 점에 초점을 맞춘다는 것입니다. 저희의 목표는 신진 예술가들의 작품을 가능한 많은 관중에게 공유하는 것입니다. 저희의 또한 리소그래프, 실크스크린, 피그먼트 인쇄를 포함한 많은 인쇄법을 결합합니다.

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Our Studio
While we mainly focus on in-house publications, we are also available to help you print your books, zines, posters and prints via risograph or fine art printing.

Risograph is great for art books and zines while fine art pigment prints are ideal for exhibition or display--particularly photographs.

For risography, we use the RZ100 model, which has a maximum print area of A3. Because riso ink is soy-oil based, the inks mix as you layer them, resulting in a spectrum of shades. We currently have the following inks available:

︎ Fluorescent pink
︎ HD Black
︎ Blue
︎ Yellow

For pigment prints, we use the Canon Prograf-500. We are able to print up to A2.

︎︎︎For requests and questions, please contact us via email.

Kelly Belter is a Korean-American printmaker and illustrator. Specializing in silkscreen and risograph printing, she produces her own multi-layered work with both processes in the form of books, zines and prints. Additionally, she works with select local artists to create small-edition publications.
Chris da Canha is a skateboarder and commercial photographer living in Seoul, South Korea. His clients include Patagonia, Adidas, Gore-Tex, and Neocha, among others. He works in both digital and film photography, and produces fine art prints and photo books via Polite Company.